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BlackBox, Navigation, Rear Camera, Car Diagnostic Scanner

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Expert Leader of Automotive Electric and Electronic Supplies in South-Korea !!
Dear Sir or Madam,
Please let us introduce ourselves.
We are POONGBAE CO., LTD. located in Seoul, South-Korea.
We are a professional Domestic & Overseas Sales Specialist for various automotive electric and electronic supplies
with high quality, high specification, innovative design, various functions and inexpensive price made in Korea.
We have exclusive partnership with a manufacturer and a development company separately from our sales headquarter for our products.
In other words, we are an official sales headquarter being in charge of domestic and overseas sales
relating to all our automotive supplies in worldwide market.
In addition, we have an affiliative relationship with major Korean companies as follows; 

  Company Type

Company Name 

 Telecom Corp.



LG U+ 


 Insurance Corp.

Samsung Fire 


Samsung Life Insurance 

DongBu Fire Insurance 

LIG Insurance 

 Navigation Corp.


fine digital 



We have a few customers in Japan, Myanmar, China and Philippine as you can see from our company profile.
For Japan, we already exported approximate 600 sets of X500 & X800 model.
For Myanmar, we already exported approximate 500 sets of previous model.
For Philippine, we have a branch named J&H Co., Ltd. in Manila City and already exported 1,000 sets of X600 model.
If you want to carry on black-box  or navi business by opening several wholesale or retail stores in Philippine,
the black-box products will have to be provided through our branch, J&H and
For China business, we concluded a contract with famous CIBNK home shopping company last month,
and will broadcast in China through CIBN-Hango channel from the early of Oct., 2016.
In addition, we have concluded a contract with a TIANGANG International Co., Ltd. who can control approximate 4,365 installation stores in China.
We are preparing to send 3,000 sets of black-box to TIANGANG company in China.,
As a result, we are sure that a lot of Chinese customers will purchase our products in the near future.
Because our products are much better quality, spec., design, functions and inexpensive price
than cheap Chinese products with poor quality and rare functions.
And also we have 4,365 installation stores in China.
As mentioned above, we have consistently been increasing our customer in the world.
Taking up the main subject,
We are looking for a reliable and cooperative dealers  or customers who can deal with our products in their countries.
Firstly, our main automotive supplies are as follows;


 Product Type

Product Name 

General Black-Box




wifi Black-Box 




General Navigation

NEEDS X8000 



Android Navigation

 Camino ADN-400 

(wifi version ) 

Camino ADN-600  

( LTE version ) 

Camino Tabi LTG-400 

( LTE and wifi version )  

 Rear Camera




 Vehicle OBD scanner

 Inno Car



 Bike anti-theft device






 Inno Car is a Vehicle OBD Scanner which can make various and huge communication possible  
 as follows;
Vehicle Diagnostics, Consumables Management, Driving Record and Car Care Book,,, etc.
 All the upper contents can be checked and managed by using the Inno Car App. on a smartphone.
The Inno Car App. can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
 BEBLE.B is a bike anti-theft device
It has 4 steps alarm function by the movement strength when bike is moved by anyone within 
100M Radius. 
The upper function can be checked and managed by using the BEBLE.B App. in a smartphone.
The BEBLE.B App.can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

If you are seriously interested in our navigation like NEEDS X8000 or CAMINO model,
You might give us all the relative data for the followings by contacting
telecommunication or navigation companies in your country.
Network mode, 3D Map support, TPEG (CTT) and DMB,, etc.
So that our development company will have to check whether we can apply them on 
our navigation models.
In addition, Camino model consists of 3 versions as follows.  





CAMINO AND-400 for wifi only

It was launched in July, 2016 and on sale now.

It operates by WIFI only by using HotSpot of a smartphone. ( plus Bluetooth 4.0 )


CAMINO Tabi. LTG-400 for wifi only



It can be used as Tablet PC or Navigation by using a smart docking station.

It will be launched with LTE ( plus Bluetooth 4.0 ) in the middle of Oct., 2016.


CAMINO ADN-600 LTE for LTE and wifi


It will be launched with LTE & WIFI only

( plus Bluetooth 4.0 ) between Nov. and Dec., 2016




CAMINO ADN-600 LTE (Tabi ver. )

for LTE and wifi


It can be used as Tablet PC or Navigation by using a smart docking station.

It will be launched with LTE & wifi

( plus Bluetooth 4.0 ) in Dec., 2016.




 Note. The upper Camino specifications could be changed a little bit according to the development 
          For the two models, CAMINO ADN-600 LTE & Tabi. version, 

         we have concluded an exclusive sales partnership with KT (Korea Telecom.) in domestic market. 
         In the near future, we are going to have an exclusive right for national telecommunication agency
         for automotive electric & electronic supplies only.
         In addition, we are proceeding an partnership with SK Telecomm.
our English website  is under construction and will open between the end of Sep. and at the early of Oct., 2016.
We hope you will understand our situation although you are uncomfortable for a while.
Secondly, we are dealing with very popular home or daily supplies in Korea as well as our main automotive supplies.
The main item is a natural antibacterial roll cleaner.
Its main characteristics are as follows;
1. It can clean recessed groove as well as flat space because it is made of special urethane gel. with a strong elasticity.
2. Normally, It can use by 30,000 times by washing with water so that more than approximate US$ 1,800 can be saved a year.
This cleaner is worth approximate 2,000 pcs of paper or tape clear.
3. It has strong adhesive strength and antibacterial function
so that it can remove almost dust, foreign substance and bacteria at the same time from the followings.
clothes, pet supplies, car seats or mat, bed, sofa, (living) room floor, table, bookshelf, decoration cabinet, windows, curtain,, etc.
For example, it can lift any coins or 1.5 liter pet bottle with water even.
4. It is containing ALAN 623 ( a patented natural antibacterial ingredient harmless to humans and environment )
which world is paying attention to. 
This ingredient kills the following bacillus by 99.9%
super-bacteria, H1N1( SARS & MERSC ), Coxsackie virus A16type( hand-foot-and-mouth disease )
Dandruff bacillus, Tinea pedis bacillus, hay bacillus, Colon bacillus, Staphylococcus, Acne bacillus, Pneumonia bacillus,
Salmonella bacillus, black fungus bacillus,, etc.
1. Approximate 300,000 pcs can be produced from 900 Square foot factory facility holding its own chemical laboratory
and various professional test laboratory instruments.
This cleaner consist of 3 sizes ( big / medium / small ) handy stick cleaner and 2 steps stick extending the length of the basic stick.
In conclusion, If you are seriously interested in our main products ( Especially, Black-Box, Navi,, etc) or intend to provide local wholesalers, retailers or installation stores with them as our dealer,
Please feel free to contact us with your company introduction or profile. 
We will follow up you properly after taking your inquiries.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
 Scott Jung, Department Head 
Overseas Sales Div. / Sales Headquarter 
 Poongbae Co., Ltd.




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BlackBox_ Navigation_ Rear Camera_ Car Diagnostic Scanner

BlackBox_ Navigation_ Rear Camera_ Car Diagnostic Scanner

BlackBox_ Navigation_ Rear Camera_ Car Diagnostic Scanner

BlackBox_ Navigation_ Rear Camera_ Car Diagnostic Scanner

BlackBox_ Navigation_ Rear Camera_ Car Diagnostic Scanner

BlackBox_ Navigation_ Rear Camera_ Car Diagnostic Scanner